Sievmaster Vacusiev & Pressure Sieve

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Product Description

Vibratory Check Screener for Pneumatic Conveying System
The Sievmaster Vacusiev vibratory sieve is used for check screening toxic, very fine or dusty materials within an under pressure type line. The pressure variation is used for overpressure type lines.

Product is screened in one pass and transferred to the next process via the conveyor – contaminant to product, operator and atmosphere are all eliminated.

Features & Benefits

- Enclosed system, removing the issue of airborne dust
- Inlets/Outlets sized to suit new or existing convey lines
- Easy clean, no crevices
- Constructed from FDA compliant materials
- ATEX approved on all sizes as standard
- No tool quick change screens
- Low maintenance/running costs
- All stainless-steel body and contact parts
- Vacuum type – Available in 550, 950 & 1250 diameters
- Pressure type – Available in 950 & 1250 diameters
- Mobile/Static stands
- Ultrasonic deblinding systems
- Can incorporate WIP (Wash-in-Place) & CIP (Clean-in-Place) arrangements