Sievmaster Easilift Ultra

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Product Description

Ultra Hygienic Sack Tipping Check Screener

The Sievmaster Easilift Ultra sack tip station has been designed primarily for the food industry where hygiene is of prime importance.

Similar to the standard Easilift, the Ultra version also features a pneumatically assisted dust hood but is completely crevice free. A fold out sack table ensures a hygiene barrier between sanitary and non-sanitary environments, and a side mount motor improves user access.

Used in combination with the Sievmaster Slimline SM550 check screener, this machine can process up to 25kg worth of powder at once, dispensing into containers, static weigh bins or incorporated into convey systems.

Features & Benefits

- Reduced frame area for greater outlet access
- Integrated dust extraction ready
- Pneumatically assisted hood – no heavy lifting or awkward sleeve connections
- Quick release door catch and interlock switch ready
- Constructed from FDA compliant materials